Our mission is to illuminate the role of Light in therapeautics by providing a non-invasive solution to improve health, reduce pain, and accelerate the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. 

Providing LightMD and ABP education, support, and training to people and professionals who share the enthusiasm for helping others enhance the healing process, feel their best, and find their freedom brings us bliss. We want you to get the most out of your investment in your health and the health of your patients/clients.

Light Academy was born from our ambition to educate and train people from all over the world. With a combined 16 years of experience, we are firm believers that Light is indeed the medicine of the future, and we are so grateful to be pioneers in this evolving industry.


In 2007, my life changed forever, when I was caught in a major car accident. I sustained a serious neck injury and my endocrine system went into shock. My body suffered a major blow and I was told by three different surgeons that I needed neck surgery and a surgical implant to reduce the pain level and attempt a “normal” life.  Neck surgery?? Yeah right, not me! 
To avoid invasive neck surgery, I purchased my first Light device (APL) in 2008 and again, everything changed. 

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Within one month, I weaned myself off of all prescription drugs. Within six months, I was back to running again. The Light helped my body heal itself.  I avoided invasive surgery and got my life back, pain-free!! I am proud to be part of the LightMD and ABP team by selling  PBM systems to Medical Professionals, Chiropractors, Trainers, Pro Sports teams, athletes, Veterinarians, and individuals or families that want to live without pain and increase their longevity. I pride myself in making sure owners and operators of LightMD’s PBM systems are well versed in the technology, applications, safety, and have the proper training to implement PBM in a practice or business. I have 12 years of experience working with this device and as an inquisitive scientist, I am continuously researching and performing case studies shared with LightMD’s Medical Advisory Board.  I work with and study both humans and animals using PBM.  I couldn’t imagine my life without it, and I am so grateful for this science-backed technological advance in medicine. 

Light is indeed the Medicine of the Future and I can’t wait to see how it transforms your life, too!


While excelling as a stand-out freshman goalie at the University of Tulsa, I maintained a demanding schedule to keep my body and mind sharp throughout my college career. I went on to play college soccer and it was there that my goals were cut short. I sustained an injury and required spine surgery on all three levels...at once. Two years later after extensive physical therapy and pain management, there was no change in my pain or ability to function daily. I could no longer play the sport I loved and excelled at or get through a day without gut-wrenching discomfort. I was devastated! My body had been beaten up and could no longer endure the physical activities I enjoyed and wanted to continue for life. My entire lifestyle had to change.

Little did I know, this injury would change my life forever.

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Through my injury, I began to educate myself on how to take care of my physical body and mind. After living with chronic pain, I was inspired to get healthy and live as naturally as possible. When it came to taking care of my body’s needs to avoid pain, I had to learn how my diet and the foods I ate would affect my pain levels since I wouldn’t touch prescribed pain meds. I also researched other modalities to help my body stay strong, healthy and maintain pain-free, while still allowing an active lifestyle.
That’s when I found the light. I was introduced to light in 2015 and a week later I met Brooke, who would end up being my partner in life and business in the coming years. I met Brooke when I had a small meniscus tear in my right knee and was able to avoid surgery on my knee by using light therapy consistently for two months. I was amazed and also started using it on my old spine injury to help with stiffness, strengthen the surrounding tissues, and recover faster from active days. Later in November of 2017, I overworked my back and ended up with a 7mm herniation at L4/L5, which left me on my back and unable to work and take care of myself. I was told by my surgeon and a second opinion that I would need another spine surgery to correct my current injury. An injection to help with the pain gave me no relief. I was determined to not go under the knife again. I luckily was now working with my partner Brooke and was able to get me out of pain by doing light therapy daily. I went to a Chiropractor to do decompression on my spine, while in conjunction with light therapy treatments that were recommended to me by my medical doctor and advisor for LightMD. What a relief! 

I was able to get out of chronic pain and get back to living pain-free.

The Light really works and allows your body to recover and heal itself naturally, the only way!

We are grounded in our belief that Light is for everyone and we are impassioned about sharing it with the world!

In 2015, we created UltraRed Light to service our community in Southern California. We opened a business in Newport Beach where we provide light therapy, consulting, education, and training for LightMD device sales. We also use LightMD inside an advanced regenerative sports medicine clinic specializing in regenerative medicine using MSC, A.R.T. and LightMD. We enjoy working tirelessly to spread the light and give people and animals a safe and effective option for relief besides surgery and drugs.

Working in alignment with doctors, chiropractors, and various health practitioners in the area, we provide an unparalleled, natural solution with our light. We also work with LightMD nationally and ABP Internationally to ensure that Light is accessible worldwide.