If you’re passionate about eliminating toxins and want to give people a natural solution for optimal health, building a light therapy business is for you.

At the Light Academy, we are committed to helping your patients/clients find their freedom from pain...or find their path to optimum health. That’s why we’ve established a business model that any person, whether an established medical professional or a newbie with no experience, can leverage to conduct compassionate care. Using advanced PBM technology, you’ll be able to provide optimal health and wellness for your clients/patients WHILE making a paycheck.



Monica Barrera, Los Angeles, Ca

I purchased & received my LightMD amazing training that was conducted by Brooke and Jeff from Light Academy less than a year ago. Their step by step training model helps you understand how to care for your machine and how to use all the settings it has to offer for the body.


I started my own business called Synergy Light Therapy providing Light Therapy to the people in my community and because of the ongoing support, guidance knowledge base training I have been receiving from both Jeff & Brooke, I can say that my business has been successfully growing.

I am beyond blessed to have found UltraRed and LightMD. It's an amazing device that has made a dramatic impact in people lifes who received therapy so far.

With much Love Gratitude, Monica Barrera, Los Angeles, Ca

Sherman, Momo, Marvin, Sarah and Paola Anderson

From our first interaction with Ultra Red Light, it was clear that Brooke and Jeff were there to support us in a healing and professional environment. Brooke made time on an emergency basis to treat our 19-year old dog Sherman and began to educate us not only on what light can do for our family, but on how it has helped others in a multitude of capacities. The information and scientific evidence that she provided, combined with the indisputable healing results that we observed, were compelling enough to make us instant believers in the power of LightMD.


Having extensively studied and trained in laser therapy with other companies prior to this, we were compelled by Brooke as she explained to us the difference between those machines and the greater capacity of the Light MD to apply full spectrum photobiomodulation. We observed Sherman’s radical health change after receiving regular light treatments, where he began eating and walking after major traumatic brain injury, and realized that our light journey had just begun.

After less than three months of having two sessions per week, we decided to purchase the device from LightMD in order to increase the frequency of treatment and make it available to other family members. Brooke and Jeff provided a detailed training which made us feel included in the light family. They have been incredibly supportive and responsive to all of our questions over the last year that we have owned the machine, and we feel confident that they are always available.

This was an excellent investment that will serve us personally and professionally as we grow with our extended use of the LightMD machine. Currently, we are using the machine to help animals with pain relief and ailments through our pet wellness business, and to help friends and family improve from conditions of migraine headaches, Lyme disease, sinus issues, chronic pain, inflammation, weight loss, traumatic injuries, and so much more. We are thrilled to be a part of the LightMD family and are grateful for everything they have done for us.


Sherman, Momo, Marvin, Sarah and Paola Anderson
Laguna Hills, CA

Carla Bate

My light machine has become a staple of my life. It is such an essential part of any home, in my opinion. Although I have a treatment room in my house it’s usually set up in my living room, as my sofa is big and comfy and it’s great to be able to receive the light while watching Netflix or HBO 😉 My light machine really set me on the healing path that I am on today. Back in 2015 I was a personal assistant to a wealthy family.


We were on a New Year’s trip in St. Barth’s and for me - as glamorous as it sounds - it meant 18 hours a day glued to my phone making arrangements for everyone. That meant a LOT of texting (tap, tap tapping!!). Which led to a lot of pain - from my fingertips up to the top of my neck and into my head. Back at home a friend who had met Brooke suggested I have her come over for some “light therapy.” I had no idea what it was but it really resonated with me and I was excited to try it. With one treatment, my chronic and excruciating pain dissolved.

I was completely shocked and impressed. And I knew I had to have one of these machines! I was at a point in my life where I was really searching for my next steps. Being a personal assistant was not my end all be all. I had no idea what I wanted to do - but I knew I wanted to do something related to health, healing, and wellness. Holding a vision of traveling with my light machine and seeking service, abundance and expansion through healing others has impacted my life immensely. Cut to 4 years later and the light machine is a crucial part of my healing path, and has also led me to greater ways of helping others heal - while also making an amazing living and continuing to heal myself.
-Carla Bate,
Los Angeles, CA

Holly Prahm

I found LightMD and UltraRed Light through a friend. I went for a treatment when I felt like I was coming down with bronchitis. Brooke ran a 40 min treatment front and back. By the time I left the office and got home my lungs and congestion was completely clear. Later she helped my mom clear her dormant TB.


LightMD also healed my chronic sinus infections due to horrendous allergies. I haven't used allergy medicine or had symptoms in seven months. I became convinced this device was a way for me to enter into a profession in the healing arts. The training from Light Academy was thorough and easy. I was able to start taking clients immediately. I feel confident in the company and what this device can do for therapists and medical professionals. I highly recommend LightMD and Light Academy to anyone who wants to benefit themselves and others.

Holly Prahm
Costa Mesa, CA

James Coblentz, Los Angeles

Having been diagnosed with an acute ruptured disk in my back, 1.5 CM when most ruptures are measured in MM, I was advised that surgery was the only thing to do to alleviate the crippling pain.


I had nothing to lose so I tried UltraRed Light and after treatment, I am totally pain free. On another note almost a year later I developed Kidney stones and was having rather suppressed kidney function, nearly half of what is normal, as well the pain that goes with it. I had 1 treatment, the stones broke up, passed, and my kidney function is back to normal. Cat scan and blood panels all good. Can't say enough good things about UltraRed Light treatments using LightMD technology.

Sabrina L, Irvine

I had a very sore wrist and couldn't lift any weight, so on the advice of a good friend, I went to see Brooke and Jeff. In just a few sessions the pain in my wrist was gone and I could lift weights again. I also tried it for some scar tissue and serious pain in my left foot and ankle. Some days the pain was an 8 out of 10 and I could barely walk. After UltraRed Light, the pain has gone down to a 2 and it just keeps getting better.


The procedure is non invasive, very relaxing and pain free. Jeff and Brooke are very kind, gentle and understanding. They go out of their way to make the experience exceptional. I highly recommend UltraRed Light to everyone when they tell me they have any pain in their body. Many of my friends and family have tried it and have experienced tremendous relief.

Lucy M

I contacted Brooke one day to help alleviate my vertigo and chronic migraines. I went once a week for about 13 weeks, religiously. Slowly, I started seeing improvements. My migraines were happening less often and my dizziness as well. I'm happy to announce that I no longer have chronic migraines. LightMD therapy alongside a plant based diet has helped so much in my healing.


Recently, I started feeling some aches and pain in my body and I was able to get a light session yesterday. I can totally tell that light therapy is helping get out the toxins that have been making me ill again. Light therapy works! Not only does it help with chronic pain, it also helps in the detoxification process of your whole body. Brooke explains the scientific process well! Everyone must give light therapy a chance!

Kelli F, Los Angeles

Brooke and Jeff are extremely knowledgeable and have the biggest hearts. Their wisdom, care and the science of light make them the best healers in California. I will happily make the hour drive south for treatments. It has especially helped repair my leaky gut and nervous system. It has optimized my health faster than anything else and as a bonus has propelled my meditation and insights to new levels.


I met a 90 year old man where after 1 treatment on his ears was able to go off his hearing aid. This technology is FDA approved, used in space by NASA to heal wounds in more challenging conditions, and is the best kept secret I wish everyone knew. It is the quickest and most holistic methodology for cellular regeneration yet Western medicine is still very slow to accept such profound yet proven approaches. Western medicine would rather prescribe you a cocktail of prescriptions with countless side effects to only address the symptoms of an illness rather than the cause (which is exactly what light does). Our current healthcare system is pretty horrible but the future of medicine is here - please take some time for yourself to discover it with Brooke and Jeff.

Nikki W, Tustin

UltraRed Light has actually changed my life. After having an invasive back surgery and epidural neck injection, my entire body, including my hands, went paralyzingly numb to the point where I couldn't work, feed, bathe or dress myself and I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I had literally woken up one day and was numb from my chest all the way down to my feet and later that day, the numbness traveled to my hands.


Brooke and Jeff started doing treatments on me and I immediately started to regain feeling in my feet, legs, and the rest of my body and was soon able to start using my hands again. After six months of treatments, I have fully recovered feeling in my body and feet, and mostly in my hands which we are still working on. I honestly feel like if I hadn't found the light, I would be paralyzed right now. If you are questioning giving LightMD a try, you won't regret it. It works!

Daniel D., Newport Beach

Brooke and Jeff are the best. They are professional and caring. I have had a number of treatments for an infection and muscle strains. I am on the mend. I am very pleased with the LightMD technology as well. I am in the Wellness Business as well so I have an extra insight and Brooke, Jeff & LightMD get a " double thumbs up."