Photobiomodulation Therapy has an unparalleled ability to revive the body's living cells and to empower those cells to accelerate the natural healing process. Some of the most common PBT treatments include:


Let’s face it. Pain sucks! It can keep you from enjoying activities or performing your best, whether it is on the job, spending time with your family, or just having fun. Old injuries, new injuries, chronic pain, or systemic pain may be keeping you from living your best life. Don’t let an old broken ankle and resulting stiffness keep you from running that trail that sparks joy.

In our pain relief sessions, we leverage non-invasive treatments to reduce inflammation and help you stop hurting. Pain comes from inflammation, so by reducing inflammation acutely and systemically, pain will be reduced. Relieving pain is a primary function of PBT, and our Light system does this incredibly well.

Here’s how it works:


Our bodies and biological processes are truly amazing. The fact that we have a built in system (immune system) to help us fight off pathogens that can do us harm is an incredible feature of being human.

By definition, inflammation is part of the human body’s natural biological defence system to protect itself from injury, infections, or irritations to tissues.

Chronic inflammation is persistent and prolonged inflammation leads to the formation leads to the formation of connective tissue which can lead to stiffness or disease. We can tell when there is inflammation in the body because it hurts!

PBT sessions naturally reduce both acute and chronic inflammation by increasing circulation and increasing the size of capillaries so that blood flow is enhanced, speeding up the body’s natural inflammatory response. Nitric Oxide leaves the cells, allowing fresh oxygenated blood into the tissues, and thus speeding up the process of this biological response. 


Getting injured can stop us from doing what we love, like going for a swim, or just getting through everyday activities, like going to work. Just think back to being a kid and scraping your knees at the playground. Wounds heal quickly when you are still growing, as our bodies have more energy to heal ourselves when we are younger, and lose that energy as we age. Now imagine that there is an option to help the body repair itself faster, naturally with cellular energy increased with light!


Infections can be a nuisance. They sometimes seem to come from out of nowhere and can really put one's health at jeopardy. We can have a bacteria or virus or even an open wound that germs get into and infect the site. Untreated infections can completely alter the body’s functions and getting rid of the infection sometimes calls for one to take medication to help the body fight these infections. There’s another way to combat these types of infections naturally and without taking medications. We use Light at specific scientifically proven frequencies to help not only kill the pathogen but will also reduce the inflammation in all tissues affected.

The biophysics of photobiomodulation (PBM) is well established in scientific journals, and in thousands of peer-reviewed articles. Properly applied PBM therapy improves circulation, improves blood and tissue oxygen, reduces inflammation, and boosts immune response, key steps in combating infection and disease. 


The human body is a miracle! To see how miraculous the human body is, just take a look at how we fight the average cold, flu, or allergies. Our bodies are designed to regenerate and recover from injury, illness and disease, with the right environment. This basic fundamental healing environment includes Light, Air (Oxygen), Water, and Nutrition. Whether one’s immune system is overactive or underactive, PBT is a modulator, so it will aid the body in finding it’s natural balance. In an underactive system, the body’s immune system is too weak to fight off pathogens or toxins, resulting in disease or illness. In Autoimmune diseases the immune system produces antibodies against your own body and the immune system attacks healthy cells simply because it doesn’t recognize them. Either way, our body’s crave balance and homeostasis.

PBT creates this homeostasis and balance as a modulator of your immune system. As part of a holistic wellness plan, regular PBT of your body’s organs will help you support a strong immune response and reduce the risk of tissue inflammation and secondary infection. We have an entire protocol developed for preventative care to strengthen the body to prevent Covid-19 and also to fight the inflammation caused by the virus.


Not having everything working in conjunction with each other in the body can cause an abnormality or impairment that could affect the organs. One could have been born like this or even developed an issue over time. Either way the body now has to make adjustments to try and combat these dysfunctions and allow it to work at its full potential. We crave homeostasis from the smallest cell to our most important organs. Light helps create this necessary synergistic balance. 


Who doesn't want to be relaxed and have a sharp mind at the same time? Whole Body and Mind Relaxation programs allow you to take a relaxing but energizing, restorative and regenerative session

Stress is the #1 cause of illness and disease. Stress Relief, Sleep, Meditation, Anxiety, and even Mental Focus programs are used to coax the brain to synchronize your brainwaves to naturally occurring brain states you want to achieve. We have customizable programs for the Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies. Sleep is crucial for cellular repair and regeneration, so enhancing sleep naturally with light leads to improved health outcomes.


Aerobic Breathing and Pre-and Post- Exercise programs are used not only for recovery, but to optimize the oxygen delivery to your muscles and in your body to get the most out of your workouts. Professional athletes, sports teams, trainers, or anyone who wants to maximize their efforts will benefit from our natural performance enhancing protocols, without the use of chemicals or illegal substances. This is pure light, and there are no negative side effects. It is proven in numerous case studies to increase repetitions, increase weight load, run farther, faster, improve recovery / down time, and basically get stronger and faster by optimizing your lungs and major muscle groups. 


We have a natural solution to stubborn weight that won't seem to trim down with workouts and diet. Green means Go! Green Light pads actually shrink the fat cells by releasing triglycerides from the cell. Incorporated with a healthy diet and exercise, our fat burning program using green light helps to melt away the extra fat and boost your metabolism for a healthier you. Using Red and NIR Light, we have programs to tighten loose skin once the desired weight is lost. Programs for reduction in cellulite and softening of stretch marks are also contained in our device.


We all want to not only feel our best, but to look our best too! Enhance your natural beauty with our red, blue, violet, and
NIR programs. Skin rejuvenation at the cellular level, antibacterial, calming, and soothing programs for every condition. Treatments to maintain skin beauty include protocols to combat normal aging by providing skin toning, moisturizing, line and wrinkle reduction, age spot fading, thickening skin and eyelids, and sun damage repair. Treatments for allergic reactions include puffy or red eyes and skin rashes. Other treatments address skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and acne scars, eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and plantar warts. Other physical injuries to the skin include programs for sunburn, skin abrasions, scars, and skin damage.