November 18

Lucy M


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Lucy M

I contacted Brooke one day to help alleviate my vertigo and chronic migraines. I went once a week for about 13 weeks, religiously. Slowly, I started seeing improvements. My migraines were happening less often and my dizziness as well. I’m happy to announce that I no longer have chronic migraines. LightMD therapy alongside a plant based diet has helped so much in my healing Recently, I started feeling some aches and pain in my body and I was able to get a light session yesterday.

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I can totally tell that light therapy is helping get out the toxins that have been making me ill again. Light therapy works! Not only does it help with chronic pain, it also helps in the detoxification process of your whole body. Brooke explains the scientific process well! Everyone must give light therapy a chance!

-Lucy M

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