November 18

Kelli F, Los Angeles


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Kelli F, Los Angeles

Brooke and Jeff are extremely knowledgeable and have the biggest hearts. Their wisdom, care and the science of light make them the best healers in California. I will happily make the hour drive south for treatments. It has especially helped repair my leaky gut and nervous system. It has optimized my health faster than anything else and as a bonus has propelled my meditation and insights to new levels.

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I met a 90 year old man where after 1 treatment on his ears was able to go off his hearing aid. This technology is FDA approved, used in space by NASA to heal wounds in more challenging conditions, and is the best kept secret I wish everyone knew. It is the quickest and most holistic methodology for cellular regeneration yet Western medicine is still very slow to accept such profound yet proven approaches. Western medicine would rather prescribe you a cocktail of prescriptions with countless side effects to only address the symptoms of an illness rather than the cause (which is exactly what light does). Our current healthcare system is pretty horrible but the future of medicine is here – please take some time for yourself to discover it with Brooke and Jeff.

-Kelli F, Los Angeles

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