November 18

-Cynthia Hightower, Los Angeles


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-Cynthia Hightower, Los Angeles

This is the one of the best natural ways to help your body heal itself. In these days of saturated pharmaceuticals, we need more natural solutions. I have been treated at their UltraRed Light office for a variety of conditions: pinched nerve, thyroid nodules, and general inflammation. The biopsies for my nodules were negative. Now instead of going back [to doctor] every six months I get to wait two years.

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I was doubled over in pain with my pinched nerve. My pain has subsided but the cause is a chronic issue that I must pay attention to. As for the general inflammation that is working itself out too. I cannot say enough positive things about their business. They are two passionate people making a huge difference in people’s lives. Run there. The UltraRed Light Therapy by LightMD will greatly benefit you!!

-Cynthia Hightower, Los Angeles

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