November 18

James Coblentz, Los Angeles


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James Coblentz, Los Angeles

Having been diagnosed with an acute ruptured disk in my back, 1.5 CM when most ruptures are measured in MM, I was advised that surgery was the only thing to do to alleviate the crippling pain. I had nothing to lose so I tried UltraRed Light and after treatment, I am totally pain free. On another note almost a year later I developed Kidney stones and was having rather suppressed kidney function, nearly half of what is normal, as well the pain that goes with it.

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I had 1 treatment, the stones broke up, passed, and my kidney function is back to normal. Cat scan and blood panels all good. Can’t say enough good things about UltraRed Light treatments using LightMD technology.

-James Coblentz, Los Angeles

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